Jersey Designs

Heres are a few designs i done on a some jerseys.  I did the designs for Iconic Apparel and there are more to come.

For Sale Designs

I figured it was time to add a section specifically for various designs that are for sale. So if any company, band, clothing brand, etc is interested in buying any of the designs on the page feel free to contact me.



 "Awakened" is a Metalcore group from Western Sydney, Australia.  I did a mix of artworks for them over the years from logos to various merchandise. The designs range from 2013-2017 when the band split, also shown is videos that used either the logo or artworks i created for them.

awakened_HOPE ENDS WITH ME.jpg

Design Featured on Boardpusher

A while back i did a board using board pusher for there printing services and the board came out amazing. I am very proud of how much time and effort i put into this design. I am really looking forward to creating more skateboard graphics in the near future! I would like to eventually add this design as board anyone can purchase at some point along with many other designs. I am currently working on another design as i speak.  Check out Board Pushers post on there blog and other social media accounts .  Thanks for featuring me as the deck of the week Board Pusher!

A beautiful death

Finished this recently. I used a mix of Microns, illustration markers, India ink, Tombows, and water color.  


Zombie Skate

Start to finish of the zombiefrom the sketch to to the final design. I based it off a photo of my self and made changes.

Spider Deck

I just received my Spider board, Boardpusher had a quick turn around for the printing and i am very pleased how the board came out. The colors are way better in person than just by looking at the image of the board. The board is also featured on the social media accounts as well. I later plan to add the board design to the online shop.

Legacy Combat Sports

Here are some photos of the finished jerseys tops and flat billed hat. Photos of pants along with the other articles of clothing coming soon!


I finally finished this awhile back.  It did not feel quite finished so i ended up creating a background.  I plan to release some prints later on. I used various sized Microns, Copic Pens, India Ink, and Brushes on a 18x20 illustration board.  I did two versions as shown below.

Current Work In Progress

I began from a sketch based off an image of my self and made multiple changes to the original. Here are some sections from it currently both black/white and colored versions.